“The stories in The Colours of Birds display their verve right from their opening sentences. They are playful and sympathetic, particularly to oddballs, and ultimately to all of us scrambling to navigate the surprising, mystifying business of being human.”

Catherine Bush, author of The Rules of Engagement and Accusation

“Rebecca Higgins’s debut collection of stories is bold, enchanting, and highly original. A wonderful, delightful read.”

Helen Humphreys, author of The Evening Chorus and Afterimage

“In The Colours of Birds, disillusioned Internet daters, heartbroken book thieves, lonely grocery receipt collectors, and lovesick builders of gingerbread houses take turns searching for meaning, fumbling for connection, and clinging to hope that something better is just around the corner. This is a charming, unsettling, and splendid debut.”

Jessica Westhead, author of Things Not to Do and And Also Sharks