Of The Colours of Birds:

“These simple, sometimes strange stories are interesting for their diversity and for the writing itself. The use of dialogue, for example, is skillful throughout – always life-like and more economical than it appears. There is wit, sardonic humour and often unexpected revelations which force the reader to question what is so often taken for granted in life. Hence, we look at ourselves and the world with a new interest.”  – Leo Furey, The Antigonish Review

“Small cunning portraits of the lives around us.” – Sarah Murdoch, The Toronto Star  

“Higgins recognizes that human suffering is often a slow erosion, as of rock by water…” – Amy Attas, The Malahat Review 

“Some great stories…a varied collection of approaches to creative fiction.” – James Fisher, The Miramichi Reader

“…a collection of stories…bound to touch the chords of every person in some way….Higgins’ stories are intuitive, emotional and realistic.” – Nivedita Shori, Medium

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