The back of her…

The back of her house was ripped off so you could see everything inside what had been her living room. Beige sofa blackened by mould. Smashed television, kicked in and lying on its side. A pile of boards that could have been a table…”

From my new story “Everything Inside”, published Saturday July 6 in The Saint John Telegraph Journal. Available online at


Looking for a guest speaker?

Photo credit: Elisabeth Leggett Richards

Recently I visited a local elementary school to talk to the students about the joys of writing. As guest author, I wrote songs with the music classes and helped students with their stories. For more information on arranging a visit for your school or day camp, contact me here:

All of the inte…

All of the interesting characters I’ve ever worked with–including myself–have had at their center a feeling of otherness, of homesickness. And it’s wonderful to watch someone finally open that forbidden door that has kept him or her away. What gets exposed is not people’s baseness but their humanity. It turns out that the truth, or reality, is our home…Your anger and damage and grief are the way to the truth.” — Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird